Community gathers to support premature baby after mother is shot and killed

A community came together to raise money to support a baby born prematurely after her mother was shot and killed last July.

Lyric Work, 20, was seven months pregnant with baby Marley when she was shot at the apartment complex leasing office where she worked in Burton, Michigan. Work was put on life support as a result of her injuries.

Marley was born 7 weeks early and delivered by a cesarean section.

Shortly after her birth, a GoFundMe campaign was set up to support Marley.

The campaign was able to raise just under $2,000 the day following the shooting. The campaign has since has amassed over $7,000 of its $10,000.

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Marley's grandmother Marta Taj says her granddaughter, who she is now raising, is doing just fine.

"She's great. She is happy. Wonderful little baby happy girl," Taj told reporters.

Taj says the community's fundraising has been very helpful for Marley.

"Well she is left without a mother to provide for her. Her dad's doing as much as he can. She needs this," said Taj.

Taj says that's why they also held a fundraiser for the now 6-month-old Marley in Flint, Michigan on Saturday.

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"We are going to raise a bunch of money to put into a 20-year CD for Marley, whose mother was tragically killed. We are hoping to have a lot of fun and help her out when she starts her life," Chad Blunt told reporters.

"Her chubby cheeks. She's a chunky monkey," Blunt said.

Taj has already begun to make plans to see that the money raised is put to good use for Marley.

"I know she is going to college. I'm strict on that," Taj said.