N-word sign may become a factor in Florida's gubernatorial race


Many people in Tampa, Florida were quite shocked recently when they reportedly saw an N-word laden protest sign attached to a large truck.

The alleged targets are Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Home Depot, reports Politico.

It features the former's picture and the well-known logo of the latter.

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Across the bottom are images of the Nazi and Confederate flags. The sign also references Buckhorn's potential run for governor of Florida, along with text, "Every N****r Vote Counts."

Buckhorn says he has not yet decided if he will pursue the office, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

As few who see the sign know the story surrounding it, the display could become a problem for Buckhorn should he officially enter the gubernatorial race.

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In search of details, Politico spoke with Anthony Daniel, the 64-year-old African American man allegedly behind the apparent protest.

He reportedly told the news outlet, "Anything about that car, you need to talk to Home Depot and call Buckhorn and get a comment on that and see what's up."

Buckhorn was contacted and said he believes Daniel is upset about the liens, which total about $1.6 million, placed on property where he built a house illegally.

Stephen Holmes, a spokesperson for Home Depot, said, "We've tried reasoning with him to try to understand what his concern with the company is, to no avail."

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