Dedicated employees leave behind world's sweetest note before going on strike


Activists are calling on immigrants to protest President Donald Trump's tough stance on immigration by staying home from work or school on Thursday and refraining from shopping and eating out in an effort to highlight the vital role they play in U.S. society.

Wanting to partake in "A Day Without Immigrants" but not leave their work family high-and-dry, the prep cooks at Little Red Fox, a café in Washington, D.C., put in a lot of extra work on Wednesday night.

The café's owner, Matt Carr, took to Twitter on February 16 to share a sweet note the "ladies of the kitchen" left for him, explaining that they performed most of their Thursday duties the day before they went on strike.

"When you're (sic) prep cooks go on strike, but still get all their work done a day in advance because #love & #family," Little Red Fox wrote.

Carr also took to Twitter earlier on Thursday with a message of support for his employees partaking in the strike.

Carr, who is currently holding down the fort on dishes and food prep at his business, told over email that, although the café is a little short staffed at the moment, he fully supports the three prep cooks on strike today.

"They are all parents worried about their families and futures," he wrote. "We're a very small business and without them we would not be able to open today, so they not only gave me a heads up about the strike, but did double the work yesterday so we would be in good shape today."

"Immigrants are the backbone of this country and the heart and soul of the service industry," he added. "Without them, our small businesses would crumble. They are also part of our family here at Little Red Fox and I too am worried about their future under this administration."

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