Support pours in for George H. W. Bush after Super Bowl appearance


Former President George H. W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush kicked off Super Bowl LI in their hometown of Houston, Texas on Sunday -- spurring a wave of bipartisan support.

The former first couple helped with the coin toss, with the former president flipping tails. The former president shook hands with members of both teams after the flip.

It was the first high-profile public appearance the duo had made since a recent hospital stay.

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The former president was treated for pneumonia in the intensive-care unit in January, while former first lady Barbara Bush was treated for bronchitis at the same hospital. The illness forced the couple to skip President Donald Trump's inauguration, which the 41st president instead watched from his hospital bed.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted her support for the duo, saying she was "so happy to see President George H.W. Bush & Mrs. Bush looking so healthy & strong."

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also expressed his support, tweeting, "President George H.W. Bush such a honorable and decent man. Wonderful moment at."

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Following the NFL's announcement that Bush would be participating in the coin toss on Tuesday, Bush tweeted that he was "fired up" for Sunday.

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