Texas man tattoos President Trump's name across his neck

There is no question about this Texas man's devotion to President Donald Trump.

Lubbock resident Goober Williamson affirmed his love for Trump in a black inked tattoo of the president's last name in emboldened lettering across the front of his neck.

"If I put the sign out in my front yard, they're going to vandalize my house. If I put a sticker on my truck, they're going to screw up my truck," Williamson told KAMC. "Well, come vandalize me, that's all I got."

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"He's not the most politically correct person, but I'm not the most etiquette. I'm as thrown off as can be. Right is right, wrong is wrong. If it ain't right, make it right," Williamson said. "I didn't get named Goober because I was the smartest one, but to each is their own."

Goober says he fell in love with the president's style on "day one," growing a strong liking to Trump's style and personality, leading him to acquire the tattoo a couple of weeks ago to have just in time for the inauguration.

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"At church, little old ladies go 'oh I love that hoodie.' I wear my hoodie faithfully. I say 'if you like that, you'll love this,'" he said. "I'm not scared to show what I got. You either love me or you don't."

Williamson was eager to watch the president's inaugural address, taking off from work to catch the early coverage.

"Mark my word, he's going to be the best president we've ever had," Williamson said.