Man refuses to help Trump supporter stuck in snow


A man boasted on Facebook after leaving a female motorist stuck in the snow because he deemed her a supporter of Donald Trump.

Troy Brown, a Bernie Sanders supporter, says he was going to stop to help the woman but then saw her Trump bumper sticker. Instead of helping her, he just drove past. And took pictures.

He posted the image of the car stuck in the snow with the caption, "I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car #CallYoPresident."

Brown later went on to post a video about what happened.

His Facebook post has been liked and shared over 4,000 times and has sparked a massive debate. Many people were upset with Brown for leaving a woman stranded in the snow simply because she had different political beliefs.

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Brown regularly posts about political issues. After getting slammed for leaving the woman he doubled down. He made a list of people Trump supporters can call on for help when they need it. The list was, "1. Yo president, 2. Exxon Mobil CEO 3. General Flynn's son 4. The gunman at Comet pizza in D.C."

Brown stated that he does not support "Trump supporters, rapists, trafficking, or murderers.

"I believe in peace and harmony. Trump didn't display that."

The image of the stranded motorist was posted on Dec. 13, right when Ohio was going through heavy snowstorms and freezing temperatures.

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