Bed-blocker patient evicted from hospital after two years, 'did not want to stay'

Adriano Guedes, 63, was evicted from the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk, after spending more than two years in a bed he did not want to stay in and "tried to get out of."

First admitted to the hospital in 2014 after suffering a stroke, Guedes was evicted two weeks following the hospital's requested court order in 2016, explaining that he had been occupying the bed "unnecessarily," he told BBC.

"I didn't want to stay, and they forced me to stay," Guedes said.

And despite records, Guedes says he was admitted to the hospital due to mental health concerns initially - prior to his stroke.

"It's very bad to occupy a place which should be used by someone in need, but I didn't cause the situation. On the contrary - I tried to get out of there."

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However, hospital officials say that Guedes had refused to leave, hence their move to obtain a court order to remove him.

"I wanted to leave but they always offered what they knew I would refuse," he claimed.

However, the hospital insisted that Guedes had been only been offered the appropriate accommodation for patients.

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In fact, the hospital's director of governance, Anna Hills, said Guedes "repeatedly refused all offers of appropriate accommodation organized by our local authority and social care partners, despite being fit for discharge."

Since leaving the hospital, Guedes says he has been on hunger strike, adding that his last meal was on Jan. 10.

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