Hospital surprises dying man with visit from beloved horse

After spending 65 years of his life working with horses, Frank Keat's final wish after a long battle with cancer was to see his favorite horse one last time. Unfortunately, as Keat's health was in poor condition, he wasn't able to leave the hospital in order to visit the stable. Nevertheless, the hospital staff made sure that Keat's final wish would be granted.

On October 23, Keat was wheeled out of his room at Bodmin Hospital in Cornwall, England. Nurses wheeled him out to the hospital patio, where his beloved horse, 5-year-old Early Morn, was waiting to greet him. Three days later, Keat passed away at the age of 80. His son, Tim, said:

"It was a really nice last gift and I was so delighted it happened. It was a wonderful gesture by the nurses to arrange for his horse to visit him like that. I want to thank all the staff on the ward for what they did, because I know my dad couldn't have wished for anything better."

As Keat had often told stories about his beloved horses to the hospital staff, many employees found themselves getting emotional during the sweet reunion. Nurse Samantha Russell said:

%shareLinks-quote="I can honestly say that this is the most memorable day of my career. The emotion was overwhelming and there wasn't a dry eye on the ward." type="quote" author="Samantha Russell" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Keat began working in horse stables when his was 15 years old. He later became a horse breeder and served as a judge in equestrian competitions across England.

Watch this video to learn about a similar situation during which a horse visited her beloved owner in a hospice:

Horse Surprises Owner Dying of Cancer at Hospice to Bid Farewell
Horse Surprises Owner Dying of Cancer at Hospice to Bid Farewell

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