Sean Spicer's Twitter account has some hidden gems


President Donald Trump's new White House press secretary has a lot on his mind -- and a lot on his Twitter account.

Sean Spicer held his first press conference in office on Saturday, and it sparked serious controversy and launched a new meme.

The buzz about him moved several Twitter users to dig through Spicer's old social media posts, and they did not disappoint.

For example, Spicer waged a 5-year tirade against the self-proclaimed "ice cream of the future" -- Dippin' Dots:

Dippin' Dots has since responded with a kind invitation:

His battle against futuristic gimmicks continued when he picked on Daft Punk (which he called "Draft Funk") during their performance at the 2014 Grammys.

Spicer clearly loves award shows -- he live tweets the Grammys and the Billboard Music Awards.

He's a passionate hater of lip syncing, and loves to call it out.

The White House press secretary also seems to love "Entourage," and he's not afraid to be the oldest person at Jingle Ball.

It's clear the man is obsessed with pop culture. He's constantly tweeting about celebrities, and he seems to have had a subscription to Us Weekly at one point.

His obsession is especially interesting because the president, his new boss, has repeatedly said he does not care about support from celebrities. That's how he justified his inauguration concert, and how he responds to celebrity criticism.

Spicer and Trump clearly have differences on that front, because the press secretary is certainly interested in what celebrities are up to -- he's been tweeting about it for years, even when he was the communications director of the Republican National Committee.

Spicer's Twitter will likely become more serious as he adjusts to his job, but check out some of the highlights: