Hollywood reacts to Donald Trump's inauguration

While Donald Trump's inauguration didn't compare to star-studded inaugurations in years past, Hollywood stars definitely showed up -- on social media.

A slew of Hollywood stars took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the billionaire businessman's inauguration on Friday.

Many celebrities got brutally honest in less than 140 characters, slamming the 45th President of the United States with scorching remarks.

"Welcome to the age of plunder, bluster, and empty rhetoric. In other words, to the Age of Dumb. If you voted for him, you're responsible," famed author Stephen King posted.

Comedian Chris Rock echoed his sentiments, with a meme that reads: "Don't forget to set your clocks back 300 years tonight."

Katy Perry tweeted, "sleeping in." Moments later she completed her thought, "Then I'm marching #WomensMarch."

But there were also some celebs who played it nice by expressing their optimism in the next four years.

"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen shared his hope (with a little zinger at the end): "I look forward to the new President setting a great example from today on!"

While Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio posted a photo at the inauguration with the caption, "We are ready. Proud to be an American!"

Many celebrities will hit the nation's capital on Saturday to participate in the Women's March. "Ugly Betty" actress American Ferrera, who is a chairwoman for the event, will have famous ladies like Debra Messing and Amy Schumer marching alongside her.