Sports recovery tips you need to know


The benefits of exercise are endless: Not only has it been found to reduce stress, help with weight loss, increase energy levels and promote better sleep, it’s also been found to help with memory and brain health.

But exercise, whether it involves high impact or slow, controlled movements, can also take a toll on your body. In this episode of Health Hacks, we’re learning the best ways to take care of your body before, during and after a workout.

Here are Doctor Mike’s top tips:

1. Hydration: Make sure to replenish those electrolytes, glucose and water contents. Diluting sports drinks with water gives you all the benefits without the masses of sugar.

2. Warm-ups: Ditch old school stretches in favor of more dynamic warm-ups that actually get your body moving. This will help move lactic acid from your muscles and decrease the risk of injury.

3. HIIT: High-intensity interval training combined with low-intensity movements like walking provides a solid workout in a short amount of time.

4. Find a workout partner: Accountability and motivation can do wonders for helping you stick to a regular gym schedule!

5. Keep it fresh: Revamp your workout gear to actually get excited about your workout!

6. Save supplements for last: You don’t need them to begin an exercise regimen. You should instead focus on the things that truly matter like eating well, exercise and sleep.

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