Social media users up in arms about bizarre pizzeria creation: 'Unholy abomination'

The debate on whether pineapple should be served on pizza has caused a deep rift between both sides of the argument, with each side going to extreme degrees to defend their topping choices – like the President of Iceland suggesting in 2017 that if he had more power, he would ban the topping entirely.

But now a fresh, new horror has entered the discussion: Kiwi on pizza.

Stellan Johansson from Skottorp, Sweden unintentionally ignited a viral war against himself when he posted a photo of his pizza covered in kiwi slices on Facebook.

The backstory is that Johansson's brother had gifted him with over 20 pounds of kiwi for Christmas and ever since Johansson has been experimenting with different recipes.

Other posts on his Facebook page include bacon-wrapped kiwi and kiwi slices baked into cakes.

Johansson told Insider that he took a couple of kiwis to Skottorps Pizzeria and requested they make a pizza with some of them. Little did Johansson know that Reddit user nre1313 would find the photo of Johansson's innocent food experiment and upload it to Reddit with the caption: "Kiwi pizza from a Danish pizzeria, an unholy abomination."

It quickly went viral.

"I think I just went blind," one Reddit user posted in response.

"This is the slippery slope that permitting pineapple has resulted in," posted another.

"Scandinavian food is the best argument for the existence of Satan I have ever seen," said another Redditor.

This is actually not the most outlandish pizza topping to come out of Sweden. A pizza topped with bananas, peanuts, curry and chicken is available in most pizzerias throughout the country.

Johansson told Insider that he didn't like bananas on pizza, but he would eat the kiwi pizza again.