John Travolta's dramatic new 'Grease' look is sending fans into a frenzy

Danny Zuko, is that you?

Over the weekend, fans of the 1978 musical "Grease" were sent into a nostalgic tailspin after John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reunited at Florida's "Meet 'N' Grease" for a screening of the iconic film. The stars even dressed up as their famous characters Sandy and Danny for the event, complete with a yellow skirt and cardigan combo for Newton-John and a leather jacket and Zuko's signature hair for Travolta.

While "Grease" fans went wild for the exclusive sing-a-long screening, many were quick to comment on Travolta's new 'do, a stark contrast from the cleanly-shaven head he was sporting in a series of television appearances just days earlier.

"Hey you got ur hair back," wrote one fan on his Instagram post. "Your hair grows so fast," joked one commenter, while another added, "Where did you borrow the hair from?"

The actor, 65, debuted his new bald look last January on Instagram to a round of applause from his fans.

One Instagrammer teased, “Kudos to you for owning it and setting a great example for fellow men that are follically challenged," while another chimed, “Your BEST look yet! no more toupees! rock what y’momma gave you!!”

In an interview a few weeks later, Travolta joked that his friend Pitbull was one of the motivating factors behind his transformation, but he also clarified that he has gone bald before.

"Well, he's one of my inspirations for sure," Travolta said. "I mean, I did this, I had this look for a movie called From Paris with Love years ago."

For more on the star's reunion, watch the video above.