Meghan Markle's high school photo leaves royal fans baffled: 'I really thought this was current'


An old photo of Meghan Markle from over 22 years ago has resurfaced -- and it's leaving royal fans baffled.

In the snapshot posted by the Instagram account Velvet Coke last week, the future duchess, then 16, can be seen posing with her former boyfriend Louis Segura before the couple attended a dance thrown by Immaculate Heart High School in 1997.

Despite the late 90s fashion trends, with her choker necklace and sparkly halter gown, Markle looks nearly identical as she does today.

The throwback photo can be seen here.

"Does she age at all? I really thought this was current!" commented one Instagram user. "She looks exactly the same," wrote one royal fan, while another admitted, "You could have told me that was taken last year and I’d wholeheartedly believe you."

The duchess was a student at the all-girls Catholic high school in Los Angeles, where she was called a "bright personality" by her teachers and was praised by her peers for her advocacy.

"She was also a very unusually compassionate person, and developed that compassion quite early in her life," said Maria Pollia, Markle's former theology teacher, to CNN.

"This is something that I think really fuels her, her joy and her heart," added the former teacher about Meghan's passion for social justice. "And I think it's wonderful to know that she is still that person and, and that now with her place in the world, she'll be able to do that even greater scale."

This isn't the first time a throwback photo of the duchess has sent shockwaves through social media. In 2017, a photo of Markle posing in front of Buckingham Palace during a summer trip to London in 1996 went viral. Little did the 15-year-old know that she'll end up in the same place over two decades later.