Palace 'bans' one of Meghan Markle's favorite jewelry designers from posting photos of her


Celebrity and royal loved jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer has reportedly been banned from sharing photos of Meghan Markle wearing her designs.

Reports maintain that the Los Angeles-based Meyer was ordered by Buckingham Palace to delete all photos of the duchess Meyer had shared promoting the creations. She allegedly broke a non-disclosure agreement with the snapshots of the royal in her designs, although almost all of the photos have since been removed.

Meyer, who sells her designs online and at NET-A-PORTER, was in breach of an NDA, according to the palace.

"Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family," said a source to The Daily Mirror.

Meghan has frequently stepped out in Meyer's signature creations, including a gold turquoise necklace that was first spotted on the royal last Christmas, the "mummy" necklace she debuted at her baby shower in February and turquoise and diamond studs she wore during the royal tour of Africa.

AOL has reached out to Meyer's team for comment.