Take a tour of this West Coast whimsical enchanted forest of lights

All is Bright profiles homes across the country with the most ornate and impressive holiday light decorations, from enchanted forests in California to winter wonderlands in Staten Island.

Descanso Garden, located just minutes from downtown L.A, is a 150-acre botanical garden that features year-round natural beauty. However, for the holiday season, Descanso Gardens transform into a spectacular enchanted forest of lights. From a whimsical garden of multicolored glow in the dark tulips to hanging cylindrical chandeliers, this exhibit is a must see.

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"I was looking for a way to attract visitors to the gardens during a slower time of the year. And I know that gardens and museums across the country were doing things at the holidays to inspire guests to come to their facilities," Juliann Rook, the executive director of Descanso Garden, explained to In The Know.

"We knew that people would come to the show who had never been to the gardens before. In fact, in the first year, 70 percent of the people who came to the show had never come to Descanso before."

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of this incredible West Coast winter wonderland.