This Staten Island native transforms his home into a stunning winter wonderland


All is Bright profiles homes across the country with the most ornate and impressive holiday light decorations, from enchanted forests in California to winter wonderlands in Staten Island.

When December hits and the cool brisk settles in, there's something about the holidays that lifts our spirits and brings us joy. Whether it's watching a Christmas movie on the couch with your family or baking cookies, everyone has a holiday tradition that exudes positive energy.

For Joe DiMartino, his joy comes from decorating his Staten Island home in thousands of colored Christmas lights, life size toy soldiers and nutcrackers. Known all over New York as "the Christmas house," it takes DiMartino three months to complete the transformation of his house into a winter wonderland. This epic tradition is something that the New York native started doing as a kid and has continued for 35 years.

"I feel like my house brings out the holiday spirit like no other place," DiMartino told In The Know. "My goal each and every year is to be ready by Thanksgiving," he explained.

After DiMartino suffered the loss of his wife, Debra, in the tragic attacks of September 11th, he figured out a way to keep her memory alive by putting a donation box outside his home to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Unit at Staten Island University Hospital -- a cause that is close to Debra's heart.

"My community has been behind me one thousand percent. I've got the best neighbors in the world. Most of my neighbors...they all knew Debby, so they lived through it with me. So, when I do this they're part of it."

Watch the video above to see Joe DiMartino's incredible Christmas display!