Trump appears to be 'shaded' by Princess Anne during Buckingham Palace reception

Queen Elizabeth welcomed the leaders of 29 countries to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night to mark the 70th birthday of the NATO alliance -- and given the evening's high-profile guest list, it's inevitable that some drama would unfold.

And the biggest stories to come out of the night both revolve around President Trump. The first is a video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appearing to make fun of the United States president while chatting with French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Although the videos of the discussion do not show Trudeau mentioning Trump by name, but he does appear to poke fun at POTUS' impromptu press conference held earlier in the day, which he used to criticize Macron's comments on NATO.

"He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top," said Trudeau. "You just watched his team's jaws drop to the floor."

Another moment, this time shared between Queen Elizabeth and her daughter Princess Anne, has ignited Twitter after a video surfaced of the princess royal seemingly refuse her mother's invitation to speak with Trump. In the footage, Queen Elizebeth can be seen gesturing to Anne to join her conversation with President Trump, Melania, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

Hands up, Anne simply shrugs in response to Her Majesty.

Of course, the interaction has quickly gone viral on Twitter, garnering plenty of memes from royal fans.

Other reports have suggested that the princess wasn't shading Trump, but she was instead telling her mother that there was no one else in line to meet her.

This may not be the only time the royal family has seemingly dissed the president. Royal fans have argued that Queen Elizabeth subtly panned Trump during their first-ever meeting last summer because she wore a brooch gifted by President Obama.

See the moment unfold in the video above!