Queen Elizabeth may have thrown shade at President Trump with her brooches

Queen Elizabeth may have thrown shade at President Trump with her brooches

All eyes were on Queen Elizabeth and President Trump during their first-ever meeting last week. And while the meeting made headlines in other ways -- like when POTUS left the queen waiting for 10 minutes on live TV as he was running late -- no one picked up on the subtle shade Queen Elizabeth may have thrown at Trump on three separate occasions.

One Twitter user @SumuraiKnitter suspects that Queen Elizabeth subtly dissed President Trump on three separate occasions during his visit using only her brooches. If you didn't know already -- brooches are a big deal in British fashion (just ask Princess Michael of Kent who was slammed on Twitter after wearing a 'racist' brooch over the holidays).

On Day 1 of Trump's visit, the queen first wore a brooch given to her as a personal gift of friendship by former POTUS and FLOTUS Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Obamas have a close friendship with the royal family. In fact, Barack and Michelle were even invited to dinner with the royals at Kensington Palace in 2016. As far as we know, the royals didn't extend a dinner invite to the Trumps during last week's visit. Given the brooch she wore, the queen may be trying to send a message that her loyalties still lie with the former first couple.

For her second brooch, the queen wore one that was originally handed down by her mother, who wore it to her father's state funeral. We're just throwing a wild guess out there that wearing a funeral brooch means that Her Majesty isn't too pleased about meeting POTUS. Check out the funeral brooch for yourself:

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And for her last brooch, Her Majesty opted for one that was gifted to the Queen by Canada -- Britain's commonwealth country and ally. Last time we checked, POTUS and Canada weren't exactly on good terms.

All signs point to major shade throwing on the queen's part. Do you think Queen Elizabeth is the ultimate queen of shade?