Kate Middleton and Prince William read to Pakistani orphans in heartwarming viral video: 'This is just beautiful'


Storytime with the Cambridges!

For their second engagement on day four of their royal tour of Pakistan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to SOS Children's Villages Pakistan, an organization that helps provide a loving home for over 150 boys and girls.

"Here, children learn values, share responsibilities and form life-long relationships," the organization writes on its website. "A family environment gives them a solid foundation on which to build their lives."

The royal couple met with the orphanage's staff and volunteers to learn more about their work to help foster a loving environment for the children. Kate and William even took part in storytime with the kids, as seen in a heartwarming video that has since gone viral.

The video shows the parents-of-three surrounded by the organization's children as Kate reads a book aloud. One child has taken a particular interest to Prince William, who is seen affectionately rubbing the child's back.

"I can totally see them doing this for their kids every night," wrote one royal fan. "Oh my heart can’t take this anymore," said another. "Too ethereal to be true..."

The couple joined in a music session with finger puppets, as seen in another video that's warming the internet's hearts.

Later in the day, the couple paid a visit to the iconic Badshahi Mosque in Lahore to sit in on an interfaith meeting held by community leaders.

"You have people who are interested listeners and people who are also empathetic and they were very empathetic," described Dr. Leghari, a religious scholar, to the Daily Mail about the Cambridges' visit. "We were really pleased. They were very responsive and very charming."