Kate Middleton twins with Princess Diana in the same traditional Pakistani hat on royal tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kicked off the third day of their royal tour with a visit to the mountainous region of Northern Pakistan to learn more about how the region is being affected by climate change.

The parents-of-three were given a very warm welcome upon arriving in Chitral the Hindu Khush, near the Afghan border, receiving traditional Chitrali hats by locals as well as a photo book of Princess Diana's trip to the region in 1991.

The Duchess of Cambridge, for the third time on the tour, channeled her late mother-in-law in an identical headpiece. Prince William joked with his wife: “Ha, ha, ha! The same hat!"

Kate and William then visited Chiatibo Glacier in the Hindu Kush mountain range to see themselves how the glacier has been impacted by global warming.

Photo: PA/Getty

"Dr. Warren, my geography teacher, would be well impressed that I'm back at a glacier after all these years," the duke said during the visit, adding that he believes "positive conversation" is necessary to drive the fight against climate change.

The royals' five-day tour of the country focuses on two of the couple's biggest initiatives: climate change and education. At a reception on Tuesday night held by Pakistan's British High Commissioner, Thomas Drew, the duke gave a speech about how he hopes the UK and Pakistan can work in tandem to mitigate the impact of global warming.

"Whether in Pakistan or the UK or elsewhere on our planet – we face shared global challenges. The effects of climate change threaten the present and the future – and therefore demand a concerted effort by everyone."