47-year-old Gina Stewart has been deemed the 'World's Hottest Grandmother'

We may have the "World's Hottest Nurse," and the "World's Hottest Mother" -- and now, a 47-year-old woman has been deemed the "World's Hottest Grandmother."

Queensland's Gina Stewart made headlines around the world for her youthful appearance when she made it to the finals of Maxim's Finest Australia contest earlier this year. And although she lost the competition, the Australian grandmother walked away with a new title.

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Stewart, who has four kids of her own (spanning from ages 27 to 4), claims the only plastic surgery she's undergone was a breast enlargement 11 years ago, though she says she plans on getting the implants removed for "her health."

"Once I got the implants, I thought that it was going make me the happiest girl in the whole world. Now that I've got breasts, I still get judged," she explained to The Daily Mail back in July.

The key to Stewart's success? A chemical-free lifestyle, organic diet and no coffee! "My mother always told me it was bad for you, and it was probably the only advice I’ve ever taken from her," she said, according to the publication.

Stewart, who's racy modeling photos on Instagram have continued to bring attention her looks, reveals she aspires to inspire others with her posts.

She said according to The NY Post, “I think everyone is beautiful. I’m not doing this for attention as I hate it. I’m just trying to make a difference to inspire women not to rip each other apart.”

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