Ildiko Ferenczi has been deemed the 'world's hottest mother'


A model and actress from Canada has been deemed "the world's hottest mother" after coming to fame through her different projects.

Idilko Ferenczi, who has appeared on smaller television shows, regularly shares snapshots of her modeling shoots and acting gigs to social media.

Only a few weeks after giving birth to her now 16-month-old son Daniel, the Canadian beauty appeared on the cover of Playboy. Though clothed, it was an opportunity that helped solidified her fan base.

From the time of writing, she's garnered nearly 820,000 Instagram followers who tune in regularly to follow her life as both a model and a mother.

Inside the mom's posts:

With her social media posts, Ferenczi seeks to inspire others, especially new parents who may be struggling with their bodies or breastfeeding. "Women's bodies are so beautiful in every shape and size there is something so empowering about the journey of motherhood," she stated, according to Daily Mail.

She asserted: "You know, everyone told me pregnancy is going to destroy my body and my life. People just don't get it - my life isn't over."

Some of her regular photos are of her breastfeeding her son, in what she maintains has "created an irresistible bond." Although many have been critical of Ferenczi nursing in public, her Instagram followers have backed her up.

'I don't care what anyone thinks. I strongly feel that no one should be afraid to breastfeed in public.It's not about them, or me, the priority is to make sure my son gets the nutrition he needs," she said according to the Daily Mail.

And although she's gotten more offers from Playboy to appear nude, Ferenczi declined. "...I had decided when my modeling career began to not pose nude or topless in any publication. I'm not embarrassed of my body, I love my body and to be honest I'm mostly nude at home," she explained to the publication.

She hopes these life lessons will stick with Daniel as he grows up. "If anything, I hope to leave a valuable example to my son: to be fearless, stick to his beliefs, break rules, be open to opportunities, and follow his dreams."

You can read more about her work at the Daily Mail.

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