Ildiko Ferenczi has been deemed the 'world's hottest mother'

A model and actress from Canada has been deemed "the world's hottest mother" after coming to fame through her different projects.

Idilko Ferenczi, who has appeared on smaller television shows, regularly shares snapshots of her modeling shoots and acting gigs to social media.

Only a few weeks after giving birth to her now 16-month-old son Daniel, the Canadian beauty appeared on the cover of Playboy. Though clothed, it was an opportunity that helped solidified her fan base.

From the time of writing, she's garnered nearly 820,000 Instagram followers who tune in regularly to follow her life as both a model and a mother.

Inside the mom's posts:

Woman dubbed "World's hottest mom"
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Woman dubbed "World's hottest mom"
•UNSTOPPABLE• #lasvegas here we come! Got a flat on the Bentley, changed vehicles...and now its game time! Off to shoot some fun stuff with amazing peeps! Here is a hint...I have wicked sets planed by #wwe Paul Heyman (I can't find his page for the life of me!)...but it's @brock_lesnarr 's manager 💎💎💎 ~gonna be fun! 💕 Swagg Belt @chanelofficial Dress @aritzia #inspire #motivation #fun #luxury #blogger #model #actress
•FOR YOU I'LL DO ANYTHING• Everyone's journey is different! 🙏🏻I knew that from the start so I promised to not crucify myself if I was not able to. But when I learned that breastfeeding was the best gift I could ever give my son before he was born, I prayed that I would be able to give my son this gift! Nutrients anti-bodies and infection fighting liquid gold. I was so careful with everything I ate while I was pregnant to make sure I nurtured his every cell through my nutritional intake in case I was not granted the opportunity to feed him the way I had planned. It was not even a question when he was born, I was committed to do everything I could, to do what I personally thought was the best for MY son. To me this gift of love was worth fighting for. Trust me, there were patchy moments... plugged ducts, pain, and fear when I thought my son may not be getting enough milk. That's a terrifying thought when you have a baby that won't take a bottle or a pacifier! Thankfully I was assured that everything was good and working the way mother nature intended after I went to a breastfeeding specialist. Today I can barely believe that we are going on 16months strong! (Still no bottle or pacifier) I know he's happy because I get kisses for making sure he's satisfied even if we get dirty looks in public. (As many breastfeeding moms know a babies got to do what a babies got to do at anytime, anywhere!) I'm so proud of us both for hanging in there! It's incredible how this beautiful bonding has connected us. This special relationship shared by the two of us is something I'm beyond grateful for! It makes me a little emotional to know that he could be ready to move on any day and the special moments will come to an end, 🙈😥but knowing this.. I will never take the beauty of our moments together for granted.❤️ Happy #nationalbreastfeedingweek mamas, soon to be mamas, and even future mamas who get the beautiful baby surprise I did! Xoxo love you all❤️ Mom swag BF top = @bellybandit Baby swag Fun filters = Snapchat #motivation #inspire #momlife #fitmom #blogger #baby #breastfeeding #nationalbreastfeedingmonth #nationalbreastfeedingweek
•STRENGTH BEHIND A GENTLE VOICE• I was at dinner yesterday & I over heard some men behind me talking about their "mom" wives...venting about how they let themselves go...I couldn't help it, I turned around and said "Maybe if you made her feel beautiful she wouldn't have. Quit complaining and go buy her some flowers, lingerie, and take her on a romantic trip!" I really did 👍🏻I'm a mom and I feel more beautiful than before! Ty @you_lingerie for making my breastfeeding bras look like I feel! Xo I can't wait for a black one, a white one, and some other cute colors! • • • #momlife #fitmom #mom #fitness #blogger #luxury #fashion
•NOURISH• This journey is good to me, I can't say it enough! And yes we CAN have it all! Family love passion every wish we have can be accomplished! But the full package takes a lot of time and effort, its important even on our busiest days filled with responsibilities and meetings to take times out for our loves and the things that depend on us(our bodies)! Ty @mamajuiceco for making it easier on that crazy day I barely had enough time to nurture myself! These kinds of boosts help me take care of the things that I love and tools that gets me to the top; my body, my mind, my health. ❤️ #success #momlife #healthyfood #fit #fitness
•ANGELS ARE REAL• ~Touched be an angel. You own my heart bae. ❤️💎 • • • • Mom swag 🌸 Kicks @maisonvalentino Jeans @livify Baby swag 🌸 Beanie @littleandlively • • • • #momlife #motivation #love #fitmom #fit #luxury
•FEROCIOUS LION• Be FIERCE bae🔥I'm talking about getting your life wishes... GO get 'em my loves! 💎Let nothing stand in your way! NOTHING💥 #motivation #model #luxury #instagood #fitness
•HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS SON, MY FEROCIOUS LIL LION, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING• Everyday I thank God for choosing me to be my darling sons's a prayer only a mother that never thought a baby was possible knows. Thank you for teaching me all the life lessons that add to my strength courage and fearlessness. To me #MothersDay is a day I can reflect on our journey together and all the incredible things we have encountered as a team❤our love for each other is undeniable. I promise that I will never give up on my dreams because then you to will never give up on yours! I promise to you that I will be here with you every step of your way to guide you to what ever your heart beats for! I love you more than anything my little prince 👑 xoxo Ps My beautiful mother supporters out there #happymothersday! I hope I can continue being your inspiration and motivation. Mothers tell me that they can't look away from my public journey as they love how I do it all🙈 Many mothers have even messaged me to share a deep pain that they gave up on every wish because they had a child, but now because of my journey they are changing their thought process.😍 I believe when I had my son is when, for me anyways... it was most important to live out dreams as I bring my son on this journey of mine, just as my mother did with me. I know how unbelievably valuable it was for me! Thank you mom for making me fierce & unstoppable💎 • • • Baby jeans @armani Top @etsy Belt @bcbgmaxazria Gown @windsorstore ty @legendofmatthew for capturing this pic I had no idea you took❤💎🌈 • • • • • • #motivation #inspiration #blessed #lifegoals #fitmom #goals #babyboy #babylove #baby #babyfashion #babyface #myson #prince #luxury #cute #beautiful #bestoftheday #instagood #jetsetter #travel #momlife #dadlife #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding
•EYES WILL SAY WHAT YOUR VOICE DOESN'T NEED TO• OK OK snappers! So many of my beautiful snappers kept hassling me on #snap to find out where I got my polka dot top! #snapchat I got it from @fashionnova you can use my code to get some special treatment! 💕🌈💎xo love ya 🌸🌸code: XOSLP #inspiration #motivation #instagood #luxury #beautiful #bestoftheday #entrepreneur #baby #blogger #momlife #me #smile #girl #beautiful #picoftheday #instadaily #fashion #igers #summer #instalike #bestoftheday #smile #instamood #model #fitness
•HOT MOMMY• Be FEARLESS bae! 💎 Fear is a dream stealer! Now go GET IT 🦈 ladies and gents!🌈Love ya! 🌸💕💎 • • 💎luxury swim @ifluxuryswim 💎 • • • • #inspiration #motivation #instagood #luxury #beautiful #bestoftheday #entrepreneur #baby #blogger #momlife #me #smile #girl #beautiful #picoftheday #instadaily #fashion #igers #summer #instalike #bestoftheday #smile #model #fitness
There comes a time when you realize the things that really matter. There are certain moments that I would never trade...for anything in life! I wish this powerful kind of love for everyone. May you all be lucky enough taste it, and take the time to truly experience it! I love you all!💕 Jean game @livify Top @armani Baby game @zarakidsofficial Kicks @nike Baby kicks @adidassuperstar @adidasoriginals #love #inspiration #luxury #baby #fashion #blogger #beautiful
Although In my heart I knew I was a warrior over coming all the things many around me can't even imagine, maybe my old self still couldn't have handled the bad news, after bad news as of late. To be so far from family as things get tougher and tougher for a woman (my hero) that has spiralled through such terrifying health wars not once....but one after the other. Yesterday's news was the most somber. And it could only leave me with the decision to be strong for all of us as I wrapped my mind around it. I realized today that becoming a mother gives you an incredible super hero strength that puts your mind and body in a different space than ever imaginable. And I know exactly why I was given this gift at exactly the right time. I am grateful.🙏🏻 No matter what I will LIVE out our dreams!!! I will go that much harder for the ones that no longer can. I promise❤💎#unstoppable #warrior #love #truelove #blogger #fromtheheart #bestoftheday #mother Ferrari of strollers @mima_kids @mimausa
Ok ok this one is for the moms an dads only! Trust me before this baby rattled my life... I would've been totally rolling my eyes too! LOL🙄😩😖😴Each and every moment is so incredibly precious and crucially important. If you know me you know I'm a busy body for sure💪🏻 I am always doing something or going somewhere, work was ALWAYS FIRST! But my heart hurts for those who let the diamond moments slip can never NEVER ever get that back! The first smile, the first kiss, the moment they proudly find their feet, the first stand, the first bite of food, when they touch your face, when they say Moma, the list goes on. The hours you spend loving, watching, cuddling, holding, kissing, reading to, singing to, praying with, and teaching them now will resonate for their entire life! It is the biggest gift you can give yourself! Document it, so you can relive it...perhaps one day that busy mind can't remember all the things today blessed you with....and you can again experience the beauty all over again. They are only babies for such a short time. Soon they will have iPads, sleepovers, and best friends! Haha You are only a priority for a short time. ENJOY IT NOW! ❤️ love you all 💋 💕💕💕💕stay tuned for our amazing experience with @loridormanphotography i'm so blessed to be documenting baby Daniels life with this talented soul and her incredible team! 💞❤️🙏🏻Baby @noppiesofficial Momma @maisonvalentino 💕#love #dream #lifegoals #mom #fitmom #goals #babyboy #babylove #baby #babyfashion #babyface #myson #prince #luxury #cute #beautiful #bestoftheday #instagood #jetsetter #travel #momlife #dad
I had a blast hosting the @babesintoylandcharity last night! Sending out big kisses & TY's 2 all my loves that waited patiently for autographs outside in the cold🙈😘 YOU guys are rockstars!!!💋I'm so excited for a very lucky little girl to receive my gift. I had so much FUN playing with it at @buybuybaby @fisherprice .... but I must confess one of the best thing about going out, is coming back home to my love!💕 I really looked toward to a late night Italian dine with this little man after the event. Ty @bianconi_la for spoiling us! 🙏🏼💕 #babesintoyland #blogger #love #dream #lifegoals #mom #fitmom #goals #babyboy #babylove #baby #babyfashion #babyface #myson #prince #luxury #cute #beautiful #bestoftheday #instagood
Nothing is more special than opportunity to cherish blessed moments with the love of my life! Let me just start with of course there are challenges that come along with motherhood, but when I recently heard another mother complain about her children... it hurt my could they just want to pass off their son...after my brother passed I instantly knew when I became a mother I would love it all!!!! The good, bad, beautiful and ugly. Life is a gift we must cherish every second! No, I don't get to spend hours at the gym, I haven't had a date night in months, I chose not to party for over a year, and have only been to industry events and shoots, because I chose to raise my son in the most important year of his life myself as a gift to myself. Life is awesome and I'm totally happy. @skiphop @mamamioskincare #postpartum #baby #blogger #babyboy #mompreneur #5monthsold #instagood #instamood #pictureoftheday
Kickin it at one of our fave spots! @chateaumarmont 💎 I don't know who gets more intense during a business meeting baby Daniel or I? It looks like we may have a young entrepreneur on our hands️💎 ps massive TY to @mimausa @mima_kids #mimaxari #mima ( Ferrari of strollers!💎) @maxicosiusa #maxicosi #baby #babyboy #summer #fashion #fashionkids #swag #luxury #bikini #babywearing #blogger

With her social media posts, Ferenczi seeks to inspire others, especially new parents who may be struggling with their bodies or breastfeeding. "Women's bodies are so beautiful in every shape and size there is something so empowering about the journey of motherhood," she stated, according to Daily Mail.

She asserted: "You know, everyone told me pregnancy is going to destroy my body and my life. People just don't get it - my life isn't over."

Some of her regular photos are of her breastfeeding her son, in what she maintains has "created an irresistible bond." Although many have been critical of Ferenczi nursing in public, her Instagram followers have backed her up.

'I don't care what anyone thinks. I strongly feel that no one should be afraid to breastfeed in public.It's not about them, or me, the priority is to make sure my son gets the nutrition he needs," she said according to the Daily Mail.

And although she's gotten more offers from Playboy to appear nude, Ferenczi declined. "...I had decided when my modeling career began to not pose nude or topless in any publication. I'm not embarrassed of my body, I love my body and to be honest I'm mostly nude at home," she explained to the publication.

She hopes these life lessons will stick with Daniel as he grows up. "If anything, I hope to leave a valuable example to my son: to be fearless, stick to his beliefs, break rules, be open to opportunities, and follow his dreams."

You can read more about her work at the Daily Mail.

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