15 unusual ways to eat watermelon


Watermelon is undoubtedly everyone's favorite summer fruit. Of course, watermelon season peaks during summer (aka May through September) so it makes sense that the refreshing treat takes the lead for possibly the most popular, healthiest and sweetest snack of the season.

Plus, watermelon gives off a plethora of health benefits because of its magical antioxidant properties. The fruit is composed of nearly 92% water, so not only does watermelon keep you hydrated, but it keeps you full longer too. Need we say more?

Take a look at these unique watermelon recipes:

But did you about these unusually delicious ways to eat (and drink) watermelon? Watermelon kegs, popsicles, pizza, hummus are all the rage the summer. You name it -- and there's probably an easy watermelon alternative for it.

At this point, we're basically a walking ad for watermelon -- and we don't hate it.

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