10 genius ways to trick yourself into drinking more water


Today may be National Hydration Day, but we're seriously considering changing the holiday to a summer-long event called National Hydration Month. Scorching temperatures, beach days and (too many) happy hours are upon us, and one of the only things that can save us from the hot summer that it's going to be is water. Keeping us healthy, hydrated and moving, water is definitely something we all need to prioritize this season.

But it's not that simple -- not many people can sit down and force a chug.

And we get it, not everyone is the ultimate H2O drinker. For those who are just not that into water, the eight-glasses-a-day rule is strenuous, annoying and almost impossible. We know exactly how you feel, but we've worked our way around our now small distaste (see slide 3).

Whether you're a soda addict or are just looking to up your hydration game, we've rounded up the most ingenious ways to trick yourselves into drinking more water. Scroll through below to see how we're doing it:

Happy hydrating!

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