Here's how to get that Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tan at home


If you tuned into last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you may have noticed a couple of things.

Like, how incredible that printed collaboration with Mary Katrantzou was. Or, Behati Prinsloo's epic runway return after welcoming two babies. Everything from their flawless hair to their fit bodies was runway-ready, all thanks to months and months of preparations.

You also may have noticed just how perfect the models' skin looked, all thanks to a few experts in the biz. Facials, lots of sleep and a healthy diet all contributed to their blemish-free look, but in the end, it came down to that Victoria's Secret glow, courtesy of celebrity tan artist Kristyn Pradas.

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Pradas has been working with the lingerie company for 5 years, so it comes as no surprise that she's an expert when it comes to a catwalk-ready tan. We caught up with the pro to learn all her tricks of the trade.

On the best way to prepare for a tan...

I advise the models to prepare for their tan by showering, shaving or waxing and exfoliating prior to their appointment.

On getting a streak-free tan at home...

Quality of the self-tanning solution is the most important!

With my new, 100 percent natural Pradas Glow Sol Solution Sunless Tanning Mousse you don't have to worry about turning orange.

To get a streak-free tan at-home, apply with a mitt in a continuous circular motion. Make sure that the skin is free of oils, moisturizer, lotion, perfume, deodorant, and AHA's, BHA's salicylic acids, retinols etc. Make sure that no water comes in contact with your tan while it's developing and if for some reason any water is to touch the skin, pat dry with a paper towel, do not rub.

On her top tanning tips...

Contouring also differentiates a good tan from a bad one.

Contouring is always done with the tan to make the models bodies look more defined. Shading is the most important. If you want certain areas to appear slimmer, you want to make those areas darker. You can do this by applying one entire layer of the self tanner to the body, and then applying a second layer to the areas that you want to contour. You can also use a makeup sponge to contour abs, cheekbones, muscle definition, cleavage. Contour always looks best and most natural when enhancing your own features.

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On prolonging the tan...

They can prolong the tan by using my new Pradas Glow Skin Armour. It is an innovative shower oil that is applied to dry skin before you get into the shower, protecting your skin from heavy metals and chlorine in the shower water that tends to dry and strip the skin.

On her favorite Victoria's Secret Fashion Show memory...

My favorite memory of VSFS was Paris 2016. From the hotel where everyone stayed together (it felt like summer camp), to the magical production at the Grand Palais, to watching all the girls walk down the catwalk rocking my tan to Lady Gaga, the Weeknd and Bruno Mars, the energy was insanely amazing...... and so was the after party!