Here's the secret to Victoria's Secret models' perfect skin


The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a little over 48 hours away. And while the stress of participating (or working!) the annual lingerie extravaganza is enough to make anyone breakout with stress, it comes as no surprise that the models taking part in Sunday's runway show have skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.


But blemish-free, picture-perfect skin doesn't come naturally to most. It has to do with diet, sleep, stress -- and of course, a solid beauty routine. We chatted with one of the facialists behind this year's show, Georgia Louise, to learn some backstage beauty secrets and how to get that perfect skin at home!

Here's what we learned.

On her beauty mantra:

Skincare is the new makeup! True beauty and "GLO" comes from within, so what you put in and on your body is going to reflect on your face and skin. Proper hydration, a good night's sleep, balanced diet, and of course a quality skincare routine all contribute to an inner and outer glow.

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On preparing the models for the show:

Many of the models have been using my GloPulse to help maintain hydrated skin prior to the show. I also recommend massaging daily with the Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone to drain and depuff the face because even stress can cause a puffy face. It's also important that the girls refrain from exfoliating a few days leading up to the show because it can cause irritation and sensitivity.

Another amazing product to use while in New York City is Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics Anti-Pollution Drops to protect the skin from the city pollution. And of course drink lots of water and get lots of beauty sleep.

On getting that model GLO at home:

My GloPulse is a must, especially when used with one of the sheet masks. It's the easiest and quickest way to achieve that facial look at home. Each specific mask (Honey, Aqua or Green) is made to address your skin concern to unveil glowing and radiant skin.

For more on the show, watch the video above!

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