Body language expert decodes Meghan and Harry's royal tour PDA


While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended their royal tour of the pacific last week, we are still obsessing over Meghan's best style moments (and malfunction) and Harry's sweetest gestures. The parents-to-be seemed more in love than ever during their 16-day tour, with their constant hand holds and affectionate gazes.

To us, all of their lovey-dovey moments just seem adorable, but body language expert Judi James is breaking down what these PDA moments may actually mean for their relationship.

While it's no surprise that the couple is regularly seen holding holding hands, James explains that this could be more than just an everyday gesture: "Prince Harry's habit of placing his hand on top in a hand clasp implies a level of protectiveness over his pregnant wife." Say it with us.... awhh!

One of the more notable displays of affection that turned heads during the royal tour came when Meghan and Harry stepped out at the Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand and the duchess placed her hand on Harry's thigh -- a move seen as possibly too casual or private for members of the royal family.

"This gesture could look intimate and quite sexual but it might also have an ulterior motive," explained James.

"Firstly it suggests dominance from Meghan, who reaches across to place a hand on Harry's thigh. It's quasi-maternal here, the kind of checking, reminding or restraining gesture a mother might to when her kid is distracted or inattentive. Meghan is in grown up role here, the boss, listening to her hosts and performing a sociable smile but Harry seems to need reminded to stay focused."

No matter what the sweet gestures between the two really mean, we will never get enough of their love story. Keep scrolling to see more cute moments from the duo!