Prince Harry "bleeds romance" in sweet hand-holding moment with Duchess Meghan in Australia


It's no surprise that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are a very PDA-forward couple. Despite royal protocol (have you ever seen Kate and Will be this touchy?!), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been known to sneak in their fair share of public displays of affection.

Hand holding? A quick smooch? Check. Back rubs. Check!

See more of the couple's PDA-filled moments:

But here's one we haven't seen before. The parents-to-be were visiting Melbourne as part of their 16-day tour of Australia, touring local street art and meeting with the city's residents, when Prince Harry decided that holding Duchess Meghan's hand with only one hand wasn't enough.

So, he promptly reached for Meghan's hand, intertwined with his left hand, with his right hand. Confusing, we know, but take a look at the sweet behind-the-scenes moment caught on camera.

Naturally, Twitter had the best reaction to the adorable moment.

"Prince Harry is a role model for every husband. This man bleeds romance," wrote one Twitter user. Said another, "Despite what some may say this is not acting. This is 2 people who are truly in love with each other & so happy to be married."

Can you say #relationshipgoals?

For more on their royal tour of Australia, watch the video above!