Olivia Culpo just released the fall clothing collection of our dreams


Olivia Culpo just launched the fall clothing collection of our dreams -- and it's surprisingly affordable.

As a former Miss Universe winner and current model, actress and social media queen, this 26 year old is non-stop, and really seems to do it all. For her latest project, Culpo has teamed up with Marled by Reunited Clothing for the second time to create a brand new fall fashion line. Full of neutral hues, animal prints and jet setter-approved sets, AOL Lifestyle chatted with Culpo on the day of the launch to find out how she whipped up her latest creation.

AOL: So this is your second time teaming up with Marled to create a capsule collection. Did you learn anything from creating the first collection that you brought into the process of making the second?

Olivia Culpo: Yes, I learned so much! I learned about the design process in general, and dealing with samples and manufacturing and fitting and size and color and dye. There's so many different things that don’t necessarily translate the way you pictured, so it's kind of just always making sure everything is always properly communicated and that you’re also just double-checking constantly that everything is executed properly.

Where did you draw inspiration from for this fall collection?

I was inspired just by the girl-on-the-go. I wanted [the collection] to be accessible at a great price point and I wanted it to be versatile so people could dress it up or dress it down. And I also wanted people to feel good in it, which is why the fit was so important to me in making sure that every single silhouette is perfect for everybody type.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

I have a few favorite pieces! I really like the leopard cardigan, because it's comfortable and it's great for traveling, and I love all of the jogger sets, they’re also really great for traveling, and the GRL PWR sweater is also a favorite.

What fall trends would you say you're most excited about wearing this season?

I'm really excited to see more neutral tones. We're also seeing a lot of army green and army print.

In general, there's a ton of animal print and fur, faux fur of course. And I would say another trend you see a lot in the fall of course is booties and just boots in general, and then lots of scarves and layering is a great trend.

While the collection is super affordable (everything ranges from $58 - $148), what is the one thing that you can't help but to splurge on?

For me, I can’t help splurging on bags! I love nice handbags.

Besides your collection launching today, what other projects do you have coming up?

I have something exciting coming out in the beauty space, and I just finished a movie with Luke Wilson called "The Swing of Things." And there's a few other things that I'll be doing designing wise coming up as well, but that's pretty much it for now!

Shop Olivia Culpo's latest collection with Marled on Revolve, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

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