Olivia Culpo reveals why inclusive sizing is important for pageants


Model Olivia Culpo stepped out on Thursday night in Chicago to celebrate the first day of summer at the Sound of Rum Sessions with Bacardi. While Major Lazer took the stage, AOL sat down with the former Miss Universe winner to discuss everything from her upcoming projects to her deep-rooted love for music.

"I love music so much. It’s such an important part of my upbringing. Both my parents are musicians. All of my siblings play music. I grew up playing the Cello my whole life and I love to sing. I really do enjoy music -- it’s kind of a hidden thing that I like to keep to myself."

From a new film with Bruce Willis coming out in September to her upcoming show "Model Squad" debuting on E! in the fall, Culpo who recently became a new aunt shows no signs of slowing down.

"I am designing for an upcoming [fashion] project. I can’t tell you too much who we’re collaborating with but yes it’s happening. It’s very exciting. My new movie with Bruce Willis is coming out August 31st and then "Model Squad" will be on E! in August or September. There's a lot going on!"

Culpo, who made headlines for going from Miss Rhode Island to Miss USA to Miss Universe all within a year, is no stranger to comparison in the spotlight. With Miss America making recent headlines for scraping their swimsuit competition, AOL asked the former beauty queen why it's important for major pageants to make strides in inclusive sizing.

"I think it’s important to include all sizes no matter what it’s for in the world There’s no one thing that makes somebody beautiful. Beauty is in all shapes and sizes, all different color skin tones, all different beliefs. I think that we are slowly getting closer to a place like that and hopefully these are the kind of steps that will help us get there."