John Legend and Misty Copeland do the shopping cart dance for #FillYourCartForGood


Take in this statistic: According to research, 30 million Americans don't have access to affordable, quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

A staggering number of Americans (1 in 10) have to choose between food that's healthy and food that's affordable -- it's a number that hits very close to home for stars such as John Legend and Misty Copeland.

"I grew up eating Top Ramen and hot dogs, you know whatever the cheapest was for us to survive," explained Copeland to AOL Lifestyle. "It makes sense that they can’t access that in a lot of communities. It’s shocking."

And although Legend didn't face such obstacles in his own home, he was aware that it was a plight much of his community was facing. "We both grew up in communities where we were very close to that issue," the singer said. "A lot of people we knew that we hung out with and played with were."

Courtesy Naked Juice

So when Copeland and Legend heard how Naked Juice was working to combat these issues, the two were ready to jump at the chance to *dance* and help. Partnering with Wholesome Wave, Naked Juice will donate 100 dollars worth of produce (a shopping cart full!) to a family in need for every shopping cart dance posted to social media with the hashtag #FillYourCartForGood.

Through years of the annual Drink Good Do Good campaign, Wholesome Wave and Naked Juice have allowed families to fill their lives with healthier choices. "From years of experience running Wholesome Wave, we know that when people can afford to choose healthier options — like fruits and vegetables — they do, which is why our partnership with Naked is so meaningful," said Michel Nischan, chef and founder of Wholesome Wave.

“It’s an ongoing issue in America. It’s great that Naked is doing this campaign and bringing awareness to it," concluded Legend.

You can see more of the campaign here.

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