Stars come together to kick off Naked Juice's #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign

​​​​​​According to recent research, nearly 30 million Americans don't have access to affordable, good quality produce. The study found that one out of every 10 people are affected by the crisis, while over 60 percent of Americans aren't even aware that such a crisis exists.

While the results of the study are staggering, Naked Juice has aimed to combat the crisis and ensure that every single American has access to fresh fruits and vegetables. In partnership with Wholesome Wave, the #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign promises to donate the monetary equivalent of 10 pounds of produce to a community in need for every selfie taken with the hashtag, #DrinkGoodDoGood.

Inside the campaign:

Naked Juice decided to kick off this year's campaign with a 250,000-pound donation to Wholesome Wave's Double Value Snap program and with some of the biggest named in both Hollywood and the culinary world. Along with Wholesome Wave's CEO, Bobby Flay, Kristen Bell and Taye Diggs joined Tom Colicchio at his revered Little River Café in New York City on Wednesday night.

"It's really great that Naked Juice is doing what they're doing," Taye Diggs told AOL Lifestyle at the event. "But it also makes me sick inside that Naked Juice has to do this."

Colicchio applauded the progress we've made as a society in finding ways to do good. "I think in this day and age of corporate responsibility, it's something we think more about now than the last maybe four or five years."

We joined the talented activists in learning about the campaign -- and they were just as surprised to learn of the staggering statistics as we were, with Flay calling them "ridiculous." Diggs, who takes pride in being able to afford fruits and vegetables now after not being able to when he was younger, was particularly baffled about the high price tag of healthy eating.

"It should totally be the other way around," he affirmed. "Healthy food should be cheaper."

Actress Kristen Bell echoed his sentiments, saying, "This just confirmed my reality, which is, I have a responsibility to talk about issues like this. I have access to incredibly healthy foods in California that I never have to look at the price tag. And in order to sleep at night, I have a human responsibility to try to make that the situation for everyone, as best I can."

The cause is also particularly close to all four famous faces' hearts, because they all really do love fruits and veggies -- and as Bobby Flay has learned since opening Gato in NYC three years ago, so do diners at his restaurant.

The most popular dish at Gato, each and every night, you ask? Yup, you guessed it -- it's veggie-based!

"Kale and mushroom paella," Flay confirmed. "I was breaking up this dish before I put it on the menu. I thought I'd sell 5, but we sell 50 a night."

With that said, as much as Flay loves his fruits and veggies, there's one he'll never, ever put on a menu of his. It's called durian -- and the chef divulged that it has "the worst aroma."

"I'm not really sure you can acquire a taste for it," he said frankly.

And he's not the only one with a distaste for a fruit or veggie. Colichhio won't eat okra, Bell is particular about mushrooms and Diggs doesn't love beets.

We're all allowed one pass -- right?