People can't get over the fact that 'Meghan Markle closed her own car door' is an actual headline

In other news, Meghan Markle closed the car door all by herself, a protocol-pushing move that's left Twitter reeling. No, we're not joking.

The Duchess of Sussex marked her first solo royal engagement on Tuesday, helping to open the Oceania exhibit at London's Royal Academy of Arts. Meghan chose a stunning black Givenchy dress for the milestone, but it was her gesture exiting the car that people can't stop talking about.

"Completely down to earth and humble," someone commented. "I don't think I've ever seen a member of the Royal Family do that before. Wow," said another.

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Other tweeters quickly played on the frenzy the royal caused for such a mundane task.

The tweets get better. Seriously, we think the moment nearly broke the internet.

"After being filmed closing her own car door, there are hopes Meghan Markle may break with other royal traditions by 'having opinions' and 'paying tax," joked one user. Said another, "I have taken to my bed with an attack of the vapours, and will not emerge until I am reassured that Meghan Markle never has to push a door again."

Typically, members of the royal family wait for their driver or protection officers to open and shut the door for them. However, given that Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry have been spotted closing their own doors on many occasions, we can't really say Meg's broken royal protocol.

Royals, they're just like us!

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