Twitter had some things to say about the $4000 Gucci coat Melania Trump wore to meet the Polish president


Last time President Trump and Melania met Polish president Andrzej Duda and his wife Agata, the interaction between the two first couples went viral when Poland's first lady seemingly "snubbed" POTUS and went to greet Melania instead.

Tuesday's meeting seemed much more coordinated on the photo-op front, but that didn't stop Twitter from beating up Melania for what she was wearing. The first lady was ready to greet the two in a very chic Gucci wool coat. The only problem? It was 80 degrees in Washington DC.

See their welcoming here:

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a *lot* to say about her choice in outerwear, especially since she didn't remove it indoors. Aside from commenting on DC's weather, Twitter was quick to call out how unnatural it seemed that Melania was having lunch with her first lady counterpart, still bundled up in her Gucci jacket.

"Shame that you can't afford the heating bill and your wife has to wear her coat indoors," joked one user. "She looks more at home than you do, why are you wearing your coat indoors?" commented another.

A similar moment went viral last winter when Kate Middleton was photographed mingling with the Norwegian royals at a private indoor lunch. While the Duke of Cambridge sat back on the couch, legs crossed, the Duchess of Cambridge looked noticeably "awkward" all bundled up in her burgundy designer coat.

Reports followed, explaining that the royal is not allowed to remove her coat off in public because it looked "unladylike." Maybe Melania just has this European mindset!

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