EXCLUSIVE: Behr unveils the Color of the Year for 2019 -- and it's absolutely gorgeous


Any "Fixer Upper" fan knows that paint is a cheap and simple way to up your home's value or completely renovate the feeling of a room. But if you're looking for another reason to get out those paint cans, Behr's latest unveiling might be that exact push you need.

The paint company has just unveiled its Color of the Year for 2019 -- and let us say, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Meet Blueprint, a blue that can be described as "warmer then denim, softer than navy."

Photo courtesy of Behr

"Blueprint is a color that lays a terrific foundation for reimagination and transformation to take place within a space, and creates a confident, assured feeling," explained Behr's lead color expert Erika Woelfel to AOL Lifestyle. "It speaks to our desire to be the best versions of ourselves—authentic, positive and true—both at home and out in the world."

Last year's Color of the Year featured "In the Moment," a soothing, restorative blue-green hue. And like last year's shade, Behr seeks to inspire a sense of "bliss" with Blueprint.

"Blueprint has universal appeal—it can work within many tastes and room styles. For me, it means infusing positive energy and creating a sense of bliss and security at home," Woelfel said. Whether it's a patio door or bathroom vanity asking for a color makeover, Woelfel affirms that the Blueprint will remain a classic choice for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Behr

"Of course, there were many other colors we considered, but we wanted to choose something classic and refined," she said. "The reality is people aren’t redoing every room of their home every year. We wanted to pick a color that would work for any home project, from larger room renovations to a painted bench or front door."

"It's a classic, true blue that will stand the test of time from a décor perspective," Woelfel concluded.

To celebrate the unveiling of Blueprint S470-5, Behr is giving a select number of DIYers a free gallon. Renovation hopefuls can enter here or exclusively at The Home Depot.

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