Queen Elizabeth holds her nose after pony relieves himself in front of Her Majesty


Pony, we meet again.

A Shetland pony named Cruachan IV has had the privilege of meeting Queen Elizabeth a number of times during her visits to Balmoral, Scotland, where she kicks off her annual vacation each summer.

But the animal, who is the mascot for the Royal Regiment of Scotland, hasn't always been on his best behavior. In 2014, it was reported that Cruachan's handlers were nervous that he would bite the monarch after he both neighed and pursed his upper lip.

And last year, Queen Elizabeth's encounter with the "naughty" pony made headlines when the animal attempted to eat Her Majesty's bouquet of flowers. The pony was quickly scolded by the monarch, who responded with a firm "go away."

Alas, this year's encounter was no different. Upon the queen's arrival in Balmoral, Cruachan decided to relieve himself as the queen went to pet him. The royal could be seen holding her nose from the foul smell as she walked away.

The pony also reportedly went after Prince Harry during his visit to Edinburgh castle in February.

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