Queen says 'go away' to hungry Shetland pony that tries to eat her flowers

Not even a swift handbag move could save the queen from this abrupt encounter.

As Her Majesty arrived with her husband Prince Philip at the Stirling Castle in Scotland on Wednesday to mark her 70th anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, she was greeted by a hungry little guy. And she just wasn't having it.

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When Cruachan IV the Shetland pony tried to munch on the royal's flowers, she didn't miss a beat. You can hear and see in the video above the queen immediately telling him to "go away" and hiding her precious bouquet behind her back.

Take a peek at the encounter below:

"They always try to eat the flowers," the 91-year-old can also be heard mumbling as she escapes from the pushy pony's sight.

Now, Her Majesty is undoubtedly a friend of horses (and can even be seen giving the cheeky fella a pat on the head) -- but friends don't let friends eat their pretty flowers. They just don't.

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