The oldest cat in the world just celebrated his 30th birthday -- meet Rubble!


Say hello to Rubble, who may be the world’s oldest living cat!

Rubble just celebrated his 30th birthday, making him the equivalent of 137 human years. Michele Foster adopted Rubble when she was just 20, back in 1988.

"We have no way of knowing his age exactly but I got him just before my 20th birthday when he was a kitten," explained Michele according to The London Economic. Fast forward three decades later, and Rubble is still by her side.

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Previously, the Guinness World Record was held by Scooter, a Siamese cat from Texas, who died at the age of 30 back in 2016. The oldest cat recorded was Creme Puff who lived until age 38.

“He's a lovely cat, although he has got a little grumpy in his old age,” explains the UK resident. Aside from high blood pressure, Michele says Rubble has “plenty” of life left in him.

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Setting a world record doesn't matter to Michele. "I don’t think we will go down the Guinness World Record route as I am not sure he would like lots of people coming to see him or a fuss being made out of him," she explained.

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