Chip Gaines says goodbye to 'Fixer Upper' -- but not without some parting wisdom for homeowners


Fans took to the television on Tuesday night to bid a farewell to the beloved HGTV show 'Fixer Upper.' Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines decided to close the door on the hit home improvement series after season five.

And with baby number five on the way, a new restaurant opening and successful line of home decor, cookbooks and other home improvement accessories (like their number one -- KILZ paint), the Gaines family certainly has a lot on their (very well decorated) plate. The day after the couple's exit from television, Chip chatted with AOL Lifestyle to leave some everlasting wisdom for his fans.

AOL: Let's start at the beginning: Painting for Dummies. Why is primer so important?

Chip: Primer is one of those tools that only non-professionals think somehow skipping that part of the process is going to help them from an efficiency standpoint and look standpoint. Everybody in the business knows that primer is a crucial step because it's so important -- not only from a foundation [standpoint] as primer allows products to adhere to the surface infinitely better -- but also the end result of actual finished products.

The paint itself looks better when it's been applied to primer. It's not a negotiable step...people in the industry know it's a part of the process -- it's what makes the paint look great.

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What are your top 5 tips for curb appeal?

You know, curb appeal is kind of my thing. Jo and I sort of differ a little bit in this -- I'm really particular about the front elevation, your first impression. If we're talking about small amounts of money under $1000, $5000, she really likes to utilize both dollars inside.

So, for me, it's pretty simple. I started in the landscaping business -- that's how I got my feet wet in the construction industry with lawn care and landscape installation. I love a beautiful fresh landscape. A lot of people think, to some extent, that means hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in materials -- and of course, it can be that if you're talking about an entire landscape renovation.

But sometimes you can get a few bags of mulch, which is a few hundred dollars or less. Or sometimes it's weaving your beds, which is just elbow grease, there's no additional cost, just you getting out on a Saturday or Sunday morning and working a bit.

You can get more into technical things. Shutters are an easy project -- even building shutters. If you currently got shutters, then you're just talking about a paint issue. I love to advise people to even build their shutters because it's a fun DIY project that doesn't require a high level of expertise. If you make a mistake, it doesn't cost you a fortune to start over.

Even simple things like a mailbox, which is even a forgotten concept when it comes to your house. Sometimes, the first things [buyers] see before they actually get down the sidewalk and on the property is the mailbox.

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Moving inside the home, what are some of the best investments homeowners can make in terms of re-sell value?

We love paint for a reason. I partnered with KILZ for the simple fact that was literally what we would do first for every project that we've done since Jo and I have been doing this for, just over 20 years. When you think about priming a property, especially a property that's in less-than-desirable conditions, it eliminates smell, it eliminates odors, it eliminates stains. It's an amazing bang for your buck in that regard.

What we really encourage next is for you to really explore your personality through the color of the paint that you choose. Obviously, everyone has different perspectives, but Jo and I have a really timeless palate. And we suggest that people use colors that they're not insecure, that they won't still love years from now and then be a little more creative with things that are more affordable, more easily redone. That might be throw pillows, that might be rugs, that might be accents on the wall themselves.

As far as the template, the backdrop, we encourage you to think about it more in a timeless, long-term fashion.

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inside their home:

Can you name some other DIY projects homeowners can do that don't require hiring outside work?

On Inside, I'd probably be leading with paint. Number two is that I've always been a connoisseur with's just more difficult to implement flooring as opposed to a backsplash in the laundry room or bathroom. So if I were to take you to the very next step after paint, I would encourage your readers to experiment which a backsplash in a small guest bathroom or laundry room, where again if you do make a mistake and things aren't perfect when you're finished, the risk that you've taken was manageable. As opposed to maybe being your backsplash in your kitchen, you can really mess that up to such an extent to where that affects retail, it affects your living situation.

You don't want to take such bold risks if you can't recover from them if you make a mistake. In a laundry room, with such small square footage, Jo and I have had lots and lots of trial and errors!

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