Jadeveon Clowney reveals his pre-game ritual -- and the one food he never eats during the season

If you invite linebacker Jadeveon Clowney to a party, you'd better have room for his friends -- and his nachos.

"I like to pile a lot of stuff on top of them," the self-proclaimed "nachos guy" says of his favorite snack to make with Tostitos chips. "I like them so they get flimsy."

The young Houston Texans star has teamed up with Tostitos, the Official Chip and Dip of the NFL, to get ready for the upcoming season. Tostitos is releasing a set of team-themed Lucky Bags with 19 partner organizations to help fans feel more a part of their favorite roster's game-day rituals.

Clowney, who admits to being "a little bit" superstitious, understands the importance of pre-game rituals as well as anyone. He revealed to AOL that he eats the same breakfast of hash browns and eggs every single morning during the season, but avoids one big favorite: bacon.

"That's too greasy to get you ready for the game," he said. "If I'm just getting into the offseason, the first couple of weeks I'll probably eat anything crazy because I don't get to do it a lot."

That healthy routine wasn't always the norm for the 24-year-old defensive phenom. He credits Texans veterans from his early years with the team for his improved health and wellness.

"I started picking their brains and putting a routine together," Clowney said. "I learned that when I got to the NFL. Before then, I didn't have a routine for eating or taking care of myself. I lucked out around these old guys and vets."

In addition to his hash browns and eggs, the former No. 1 draft pick listens to the same music every day -- "there's something about Future that gets me going for the games" -- and also partakes in a sweet tradition involving his family.

"I put pictures of my family members in my shoe every day," he said. "My mom, my grandma, my girl ... I put them in my shoes. I've been doing it since college."

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As Tostitos and fans know, luck can play a huge part in football games -- but as preseason games begin, Clowney also emphasizes the importance of hard work.

"I think we're gonna make a run this year," he says of the Texans, who finished first in the AFC South in 2016. "The sky's the limit for our team."

"I'm looking for our defense to have a great season. The offense has improved from last year. I think we've got a good team; we all come here to work."

Clowney, who has 99 tackles and 10.5 sacks in his three years in Houston, says he's most looking forward to facing quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Tom Brady this upcoming season.

"He's the best, why not want to go against the best?" Clowney said of Brady, whose Patriots ended the Texans' playoff hopes last season on their way to Super Bowl LI. "We just want to go farther than we did last year -- if we can get past New England, that'd be great."

Once the regular season starts up (and the bacon is hidden), Clowney is still able to let loose every so often while watching his second favorite sport: basketball.

"I love basketball games," he said. "When we have parties, we always have more of those nachos."

Grab your own plate of nachos and get ready: Clowney and the Texans open the 2017 season on September 10 at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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