Odell Beckham is taking his incredible one-handed catches to a new level

Odell Beckham Jr. is already one of the NFL's can't-miss players and he appears to be taking his acrobatic catches to new levels this season.

Every time he takes the field is an opportunity for something electric to happen, be it a game-changing touchdown or a mind-blowing catch that defies logic and perfect defensive play from the cornerback trying to cover him.

While he was already a star at the time, Beckham became a national sensation when he made his iconic three-fingered catch against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Al Michaels, the guy who called the Miracle on Ice, immediately wondered aloud if it was the greatest catch he had ever seen, as we at home wondered along with him.

We know that one-handed catches are something he practices, and this year, if videos from preseasons and training camp are anything to believe, it looks like Odell has even more mind-altering snags to make.

First came this beauty, which happened before the Giants preseason matchup against the Steelers on Friday night. Odell didn't play in the game, but somehow still walked away with the highlight of the night.


Then on Monday, the Giants posted this video on Twitter, which you should probably be sitting down for.

Needless to say, Giants fans were excited, and eager for the season to begin.

The Giants kick off their 2017 season on September 10 against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.

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