Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio and BFF Sadie Newman are the ultimate dynamic duo


Avocados and toast, stars and stripes, a coat and boots... our world is filled with killer dynamic duos, and BFFs Sara Sampaio and Sadie Newman are just that, too.

And now? Victoria's Secret's newest collection of bras and your favorite t-shirt are about to be the next power pair. Introducing "The best t-shirt bra ever," for 2017: A collection of five bras -- with two new styles (Lightly Lined Scoop Demi & Push-Up Plunge) -- that promise to completely disappear underneath your t-shirt.

We caught up with VS Angel Sara Sampaio and her best friend Sadiein SoHo last week over a delish cup of matcha -- talking about the new launch, what makes for a "perfect" bra, their friendship and fashion week (of course).

We had to ask, what does make this new bra the t-shirt's best friend? "You really don't see it under the t-shirt," she explained, "you don't see any lines and it's just very comfortable. It feels like you're not wearing anything."

See more from the launch, and shop the new t-shirt bras in the slideshow below:

And when it comes to a perfect bra -- well, there's a reason that so many varieties exist.

"That's the cool thing about lingerie," Sara said, "you wear each bra for different things. I really love lacy bras but then I love this kind of bra too. As a small breasted girl I love a little extra lift and push, but really for me, what makes a perfect bra is that it has to be comfortable."

As besties, Sara and Sadie's favorite thing to do together is probably identical to your favorite thing to do with your best friend. "Honestly our relationship is burgers and movies," Sadie joked, "Shake Shack, Papa Johns, milkshakes ... I'll call her at like 10 o'clock at night and be like, let's go to a movie, and we'll go."

So what makes them such a dynamic duo?

"I think we have really similar personalities," Sara said. "When we're with each other it's just so easy. I tell her everything -- she's the first person I vent to when I have anything going wrong, and she vents with me -- we really get each other. It's no bullshit."

"It's the balance too," Sadie agreed, "like the things I'm lacking, she makes up for. I get really afraid, I'm not so ballsy all the time, and she's the opposite! She's like 'No, just do it!' And she inspires me to do it. So there's aspects where we balance each other."

See Sara and Sadie's cutest BFF Instagrams:

The pair -- who were jetting off to Tulum in a few days to celebrate Sara's birthday -- also discussed the highs and lows of Fashion Week. Sara's favorite part is getting to see and wear the clothes first before anyone else, because, duh. It must be so fun!

What they told us is the worst part is no surprise, but hearing them talk about it so candidly was totally refreshing. Because even though they're supermodels, they're not immune to this one thing that never, ever feels good to hear.

"I think probably the rejection is the hardest," Sara said.

"Oh 100%," Sadie agreed, "because you go to so many [castings], and you get a handful of the ones you go on ..."

"And then sometimes you confirmed for fittings and then they cancel," Sara added, "Or you confirm the show and then they cancel you ... and that really takes a toll on you. You might get excited because you're doing a show you've never done before and it's been your dream... and then they cancel you at the fitting. That's the thing I hate the most."

You can see the full collection of Victoria's Secret T-Shirt Bras here.