Duchess Kate initially arrived to Pippa's wedding in a completely different dress

Everyone knows what Duchess Kate Middleton wore to her sister Pippa's wedding on May 20, because, well, there were a lot of mixed feelings about it. In short, while some people thought she looked fabulous as always, others couldn't help but call out the "matronly" vibe of the Alexander McQueen dress.

Well, as it turns out, Kate was wearing an entirely different dress when she arrived at the wedding venue -- but she changed her mind about her dress at the last minute.

See Kate at her sister's wedding:

JUST KIDDING. Well, about part of it. Kate did seem to show up to her sister's big day in a different dress, but we can pretty much guarantee that she never planned on wearing it to the ceremony.

As people have gleaned from a dark photo of the princess pulling up to the venue, she was sporting a floral, $51 dress from Zara (which doesn't appear to be on sale anymore, as it's from 2016). See the photo in question here.

We're guessing the change can simply be chalked up to a fear of wrinkles. Can you blame the girl?

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