'Lawyer moms' are obsessing over this Lands' End dress

It may just be hearsay, but a dress at Lands' End is apparently the cool new thing for lawyers who also happen to be moms.

It's called the Ponte Sheath Dress (which comes in a variety of patterns and styles), and over 500 women from a private Facebook group for lawyer parents have placed an order for it.

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The group's co-founder, Nina Goldberg, told Us Weekly that women had filed their appeals for wardrobe ideas on the page. After a recommendation and a consensus among the jurors, Goldberg estimated that at least 1,000 dresses have been ordered. One woman even apparently ordered 10 just for herself.

See variations of the dress below:

Now, while some mothers are praising the dress for its "miracle quality of looking good on everyone," other women aren't buying what the sheath is selling.

"One of the complaints is that it hugs the belly area, making you look pregnant," Goldberg admitted.

It's unclear how many have been remanded into the custody of Lands' End.

Even still, the group may need a little order in the chatroom, because the dresses are becoming such a fad it's hard to get them in certain sizes.

That may be because Goldberg heard a group of doctor moms is clamoring for the dresses, too.