Watermelon dresses blow up the internet -- and it's the sweetest summer trend you'll ever see

Now, this is a fashion trend we can dig into.

Forget the hairy swimsuit, the male romper and even the pizza bikini. The hottest (and most adorable) trend this summer is the watermelon dress -- and it's taking over social media.

If you haven't seen it take over your feed yet, people are taking bites out of watermelon slices and carving the fruit into a trendy cover-up. Then, they hold their pink masterpiece close to the camera, positioning it in a way that fits their model.

See some of the best snaps of the watermelon dress:

It used to be just babies who were the subject of this sweet trend, but now, everyone from your male coworker to your best friend is jumping in on this fun photographic opportunity. We've seen everything from babies in ball gowns, men in speedos and dogs in watermelon bikinis --- and it just keeps getting funnier.

Artists are showing off their incredible workmanship on Instagram with the hashtag #watermelondresses -- and it's definitely a fad we can take a bite of.

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