There is now a romper made for men called the RompHim

A recently launched Kickstarter campaign is raising money for RompHim, the romper designed specifically for men -- and we don't know how we feel about it.

"Is it a romper designed for men? Sure. But it's also pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution," ACED Design writes on their Kickstarter site.

Photo: RompHim, ACED/Kickstarter

ACED was started by four young business students who were interested in introducing to men the same easy and fashionable pieces that women often sport. The website includes a an extensive list of RompHim styles and sizes, all of which incorporate features like a zipper fly, pockets and an adjustable waist. One RompHim sells for a hefty $90.00.

According to their campaign, it's designed to be men's "favorite summer outfit" -- concerts, pool parties, rooftop happy hours are the perfect occasions for the RompHim.

ACED has more than exceeded their $10,000 goal, pulling in almost $140,000 dollars. However, not everyone is into the unique design, as the RompHim has gotten quite a response from social media.

Others, however, find it simply amusing.

See some more funny reactions to the RompHim:

We're not sure we're into the style, but let's see how it goes.