Prada wants you to buy a $185 paper clip


If you're in need of a paper clip but you're also looking to make an investment in some high-price designer merchandise, we've got great news for you.

For $185, you can snag a Prada paperclip-shaped money clip from Barney's New York.


At 6.25cm length x 2.25cm width, it's about one centimeter longer and one centimeter wider than your average paper clip. It also seems to be thicker, as there was room to emboss the word "PRADA" on the side.

For the thrifty buyer, you can also get a non-Prada paperclip for Barney's for the low price of $150.


The luxury paper clip industry really makes the Nordstrom rock look like a bargain.

See how Twitter users are responding to the controversy: