Rainbow armpit hair has arrived just in time for Pride Month

Listen. We know 2017 has been the year of head-turning fashion trends -- and at first glance, rainbow armpit hair seems to be just another unicorn in the bunch.

But before you go shaking your head, just know that the colorful look was actually created in support of a worthy cause.

Caitlin Ford, a hairstylist based in St. Louis, Missouri, invented the daring dye job to help one of her clients show off her LGBTQ pride at an upcoming festival.

"My client wanted something fun she could show off while she was out celebrating St. Louis Pride Fest this weekend," Ford told Allure.

The ever-inventive Ford proceeded to dye her client's underarm hair every color of the rainbow.

Her result is what Ford has lovingly dubbed "Rainbow Pits."

Although Ford admitted this was her first time ever dying a client's underarm hair, it's no wonder the result was so perfect.

After all, she didn't amass her 56,900 Instagram followers by being mediocre at hair dying.

Click through to see some of Ford's most stunning work: