Co-host Erin Andrews reveals the 'Dancing with the Stars' secret she wasn't even in on

If you don't know Erin Andrews from the sidelines of every NFL football game, then you definitely know her as the gorgeous and witty co-host of "Dancing with the Stars." The woman is everywhere, and she takes "can't stop, won't stop" to a whole new level.

When she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in September of 2016, she kept it a secret from everyone and went on as if everything were normal. Calling both gigs a "distraction," the 38-year-old fulfilled her "DWTS" co-hosting duties throughout the fall season, and she didn't miss covering a single football game leading up to the Super Bowl.

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At the time, she and then-boyfriend, former professional ice hockey player Jarret Stoll, hadn't really even spoken about settling down, but her diagnosis put their relationship on the fast track. The two went on to get engaged in December, one month after Andrews was given the all-clear from her doctors. The bride-to-be says that the wedding is "right around the corner," and she told AOL Lifestyle that White Claw -- a new hard seltzer known for its pure, crisp refreshment --will "of course" be served.

"[It's] all about low carb, low sugar, pure alcohol [base], " she told us about the new beverage. "I work out, I work really hard and if I want to have a good time and have a hard seltzer, this is one that's not going to make me feel bad about myself for having a fun time."

At an event for White Claw at the Attic Rooftop in New York City on Wednesday, we also chatted with Erin Andrews about her health, relationship, wedding dress and the one "DWTS" secret even she had no idea about (Hint: It involved a diamond ring). Read on!

You have a very busy schedule. You wear many hats. So how do you balance that? How do you get your workouts in and keep your lifestyle healthy?

Honestly, it's always at the front of my mind. It's something that I've put into my day just like I have with preparing for a game or getting ready for "Dancing with the Stars." I know I'm not going to get a workout in unless I mentally prepare for it, and it's just something I know I have to get done. It's like brushing your teeth. You know you gotta do it.

You recently opened up about your battle with cervical cancer. What was it like keeping that a secret, especially while being on a show like "DWTS," where you're expected to be so bubbly and positive?

"Dancing" was a great escape for me, to be really honest. It was nice to have a two-hour show where I didn't have to worry about talking about it. I wasn't feeling the best, so [it] was a little hard to be on my feet and in high heels non-stop. Some days, [I] didn't want to be in a dress, I couldn't really work out when I was undergoing the surgeries, because I had to heal. That wasn't the easiest thing to do, but it was a great distraction -- as was football. I liked to have a four-hour game and a two-hour reality ballroom show to kind of take me away from the reality of what was going on in my life.

And you also said it made your relationship stronger. Talk to me about what you learned about Jarret [Stoll] during that time.

Well, you know, you bring your boyfriend -- at the time, we weren't even engaged -- into an oncologist appointment, and they're bringing out diagrams of your uterus and they're talking about cutting your cervix, [saying], "We don't want it to get into your uterus. And if we cut all of your cervix, you won't be able to have a baby and hold a baby." It was just like, these are real conversations and I was just like, "oh, God." You don't know if a guy can handle that or if a guy wants to handle that. We weren't engaged, we weren't married, so it was real-time stuff. It's not like we're trying to pick out new wallpaper, you know? Or, "which towel should we get for the guest room?" This was real stuff.

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And I'm sure it brought up conversations that you hadn't had before.

Oh, I mean, we sat at restaurants crying, [thinking], what if I wouldn't be able to have a baby, and what if we had to have a surrogate? And he was saying things that I never imagined he would say that were so wonderful and supportive of me.

On that note, congratulations on your engagement! How's the wedding planning going?

It's almost done, because the wedding is right around the corner!

Amazing. What was the best part about planning it?

I think the best part of planning the wedding is seeing the RSVPs and knowing the group that we're going to have together.

And the biggest challenge?

Just dealing with the last-minute questions and kind of the little stresses here and there that probably everyone deals with when they're putting a wedding together.

Did you pick the dress quickly, or did it take a while?

The dress is being made. The final fitting is coming up!

So, we have to get back to "Dancing with the Stars." Do you and Tom [Bergeron] have the same rapport off-screen that you do on-screen?

We do! I was friends with Tom before I was on the show and before I was given the co-host role. He's amazing. He has such a dry sense of humor. He is so witty. He can handle any sort of drama on air. There are times when teleprompters go out, there are times when protestors for Ryan Lochte run on stage, there are times when our dancers are hurt, there's a wardrobe malfunction -- and he is so calm. The other day, we were in the middle of a live show, and before he closed -- it was the night of the Manchester [bombing] -- he made the entire ballroom be quiet, and he's like, "Tell everyone in Manchester we're thinking about them." And I didn't know he was doing that, and I was just like, "This is why you're so good at your job." I have goosebumps. The man can handle any live situation, and he comes out with a zinger or one-liner. Dude is hilarious.

What has he taught you during your time as co-hosts?

Oh my God! He's taught me that it's just a reality ballroom show; we're not curing cancer, we're not doing brain surgery. We love going live [and] we love when it's chaotic, because that's when the best stuff comes out on our show.

Who have you really made friends with on the show?

I'm obsessed with Peta and Sharna, they're my loves!

Have you met [Maks and Peta's] baby?

I haven't met the baby, which is a rip-off! Witney and Lindsay are just lovebugs. Alan is to die for. Gleb, yes please.

I need Alan to be a pro!

I need Alan to be a pro! That's just the coolest part about our show. Everyone's super close and they're really, really a family. It's awesome. I feel like when we're all commenting on each other's Instagrams, we're all just like, "Love you! You look amazing! Hot, hot, hot!" It is very, very organic, which is [what's] very special about our show.

And how was it in the ballroom when Sasha [Farber] and Emma [Slater] got engaged? How did everyone keep that a secret?

I didn't even know! I had no idea! Tom knew, the producers knew, but that was it.

See Andrews at the White Claw event: